“ROCK” – a totally unique NEW product on the gas barbecue market.

Typifying the perfect combination of elegance and masculinity to create a gas barbecue that not only looks great, though is a delight to use and cook on.

Rock introduces domestic grill chefs to a new cooking experience incorporating ergonomically designed broad open spaces at the front of the bbq to allow plenty of room to move when grilling, coupled with the new Grillsmart cooking grills and hotplate ensuring food has that truly wonderful barbecue taste, though also a cleaner barbecue interior and easier maintenance and clean up.

Designed and developed by the Barcelona based design studio “Stimulo”, applying our many years of experience in tackling diverse innovative and creative design projects. As lovers of an outdoor lifestyle, we have a natural passion for barbecuing and for exploring the many possibilities that cooking outside provides, namely great tasting food, healthy eating and enjoyment with family and friends. Our ROCK barbecue and its many design features forms an important part of this overall outdoor experience.

ROCK gas barbecue, – a “must have” for any image conscious outdoor entertainer.

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