Locally designed, based on old LPG tanks and manufactured in a prison near Amsterdam, the Pizzotti is the ultimate wood-fired stone oven. A teak-wood handle, stainless steel internals and the sturdy cast iron wheel for the air regulation make it design complete. The Pizzotti is a sturdy and refined 5 mm thick-walled steel outdoor oven with which you can bake a perfect pizza in only 1.5 minute. The construction is so solid, it will last longer than a life-time. It brings outdoor joy all seasons within easy reach. Besides a pizzaoven, the Pizzotti is the perfect tool for smoking, grilling BBQ-ing and it is an outdoor heater too. The heart of the Pizzotti consists of an ingenious system by which heat radiation from the top (‘the ceiling’) and the full circle hot air convection work together optimally. The pizza (both bottom and topping) is thanks to this unique system actually ready in 1.5-2 minutes. The ofen is fired with a combination of essen and birch wood. Because the oven is made entirely out of steel, the furnace reaches rapidly (in about 30 minutes) it’s operating temperature, with the chamotte stone at the required 350-400 Grad C.

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