Otto’s O.F.B. (Over-Fired Broiler) is a high-performance grill made for preparing the perfect steak at home. After a few minutes of pre-heating, it reaches temperatures of over 900 degrees Celsius. Exposing meat to these temperatures triggers a Maillard reaction, forming a crust on the steak’s surface while the center remains tender and juicy. Otto’s O.F.B. combines functional German engineering and sleek, innovative product design, aiming for maximum usability. At the core of the grill are 2 stagelessly and separately adjustable infrared gas units, which emit infrared heat from the top. This ensures that the heat is evenly distributed on the steak’s surface – as opposed to conventional bottom heating, where the searing process is disturbed by meat juices dropping onto the heat source, leading to unevenly cooked steaks. The spacious grill grate offers room for all cuts, even the biggest Porterhouse steak. The height of the grill grate can be adjusted precisely and flexibly using a detachable lever, which also serves for grill grate handling. Thanks to its removable top the grill can be cleaned quickly. Otto’s O.F.B. is engineered and manufactured in Germany.

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