The Diamant Grill is an innovative outdoor kitchen consisting of modern high-tech materials. It combines design with innovative functionalities like no other existing charcoal grill. Based on the millennia-old Kamado principle the Diamant Grill offers versatile cooking possibilities like Low & slow, roasting, frying, cooking, smoking, baking or steaming. Air supply and smoke funnel are adjustable and create a synergy that leads to precise and constant control of the temperature. The heat-retaining massive steel core and the controlled air flow effect a unique charcoal usage. The double-walled 40 mm thick stainless steel construction ensures a perfect insulation and contributes to the Diamant Grill’s unique efficiency. The cone shape causes a minimal charcoal consumption for achieving an even heat distribution. The Neumärker Diamant Grill is completely made of high-quality V2A stainless steel. The deflector plate is the heart of the Diamant Grill and allows indirect cooking, the usage as water reservoir for humidification, reduction of carcinogenic substances by preventing onto the charcoal dripping fat and the resulting simplification of the cleaning.

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