The MAXXFIRE is the first and so far only battery operated barbecue lighter that doesn’t require a second source of energy to kindle the embers.
The heating element ignites the charcoal and the fan ensures the grill is ready for use in a couple of minutes. Chemical starters become obsolete. Safety is improved considerably and the natural taste of the grilled food is not affected by chemicals.
The round-shaped handle can be held with a straight wrist for effortless operation. Its soft coating provides a comfortable sensation.
Due to the rechargeable battery, the MAXXFIRE does not depend on mains network and can be taken to wherever people would like to enjoy their barbecue experience.
The replaceable battery can be used with other tools, which keeps the number of produced batteries small. The battery can be disposed of separately at the end of its lifespan, which keeps the amount of waste to a minimum and its appropriate handling easy.
The heating element can be replaced to ensure long-term use of the appliance.
Easy operation and the automatic switching of heating element and fan makes it intuitive to use even without having to read the manual.

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