This is a portable, powerful,environmentally and smokeless BBQ. Annular duct is designed between the outer surface and inner cavity. There are 620 ventilating holes which is 4 mm in diameter in the upper part of the inner wall of the oven cavity. The ventilation hole is 360 degrees around the inner circle, when the blower started, the wind will blow in each small hole to fit the whirl tube cavity surface, which can ensure the air evenly blow into the oven cavity, and the duration of the uniformity is more controllable. In the inner cavity of the lower half part there is a wind hole, which can not only prevent the charcoal ash blown out, but also receive the charcoal in larger capacity. 8 pieces of windbreak structure at the top of the design, effectively blocked the wild wind, and protect the ventilation performance and innovation of duct. The windproof structure make smoke reduced to best state. The interlayer air duct with thermal insulation can effectively prevent the high surface temperature scalding accident. The fuel is free and easy to access, all the combustible solid nature can be used as fuel, readily available, easy to use, safe and environmentally friendly.

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