COSA BBQ has specially designed to be able to used four seasons, at your garden and your patio for outdoor use, or at your living room for indoor use, with the proper fuel (Bio Ethanol, with appropriate accessories.) Cosa Barbecue is made of aluminium casting. Cosa Barbecue consists of two bodies. Lower body is where the bbq charcoal burned and two different grilling grids placed that the foods grilled. When the upper body is closed, it works as a chimney. Since it was designed to be on the same level with the lower body when it is opened, the upper body can be used as a service table by placing the specially designed wooden tray. With the wooden tray, it is aiming to serve foods grilled or help the people grilling. Charcoal should be on the cast grilling grid, located at the lower body, light the fire. When the fire becomes suitable to barbecue, place the grilling grid. Its grilling grid is healthy and convenient for nutrition contact, besides, it is easy to clean. In addition to being portable, Cosa BBQ can be used as a decorative object, with its wooden and metal feet options, harmonious to furniture colors indoor.

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