It is a fire-lighting device consisting of a small drilled sheet of recycled cardboard that the user must roll up into a cylindrical shape. Once made, an easy task that only lates just a few seconds, it is placed in the centre of the barbecue surrounded it with the amount of coal that its being necessary to the roast then, just throwing a burning paper-wick inside the COA-COA and within minutes we have ready the coals to the roast. The simple design of the COA-COA gets induce the Venturi effect. The heat released in the combustion device alters the air pressure, causing a lower relative pressure (lighter air) in the middle of the barbecue related to the surrounding air, which keeps the current initial ambient pressure (heavier air). Thanks to the perforations in the walls of the device, is able to generate a steady stream of air from outside inwards ensuring the success of ignition. The COA-COA is an ecological and effective device that turns the barbecue lighting into an easy and fun event, which also allows to accurately estimate the time of obtaining the coals embers, turning the grill-stoker on a fire guru.

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