The Beef Chef is made entirely from high-quality stainless steel and combines an internal gas cartridge, vertical infrared burner and grill basket as well as a flavour tray within a compact design and a weight of just 8 kg. It is therefore ideal not only for the garden or balcony but also on the go when camping, hiking or boating. Cleaning is especially simple due to the grilling area not being fully enclosed.
The vertical and rotatable rotisserie grill basket is easy to turn using just one hand. PAH contamination from burnt fat is avoided and juices are collected in a special flavour tray for use in delicious sauces. The grill basket is positioned on on a telescopic wave-rack with different levels for grilling different types of food.
Grilling temperatures of up to 800°C, a practical, rotating grill frame and a design that fulfils every aspect of form and function make the Beef Chef a revolution in grilling. Steaks, seafood and vegetables can be grilled at a twist of the wrist.

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