Product description for the Red Dot Design Award 2018
azado – Argentinian barbecue experience with Swiss quality
azado combines the advantages of traditional barbecuing with the conveniences of modern innovations. Copying the Argentinian model, the height of the grid is continuously adjustable with a hand crank. This allows the chef to have maximum flexibility from crispy searing to low-temperature cooking. If you have the time and like the traditional, you can classically grill over open fire on the firebricks. If you need it to be a little faster, use the azado gas element for grilling. The highlight of azodo, however, is the combination of tradition and speed: the gas element heats up the charcoal to perfect grill embers in only six minutes. A V-rust diverts the grill fat, protects the combustion chamber from dirt and thus guarantees perfect barbecue pleasure without any harmful fat burn. The grill is completely made of stainless chrome steel, depicts clear, masculine lines and has details of ash tree or walnut. Therefore, it fits into every professional restaurant as well as for the spontaneous barbecue with friends and is thus the perfect stage for the main actor: the meat

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