“POPS & Huskyland” is an award-winning interactive play set with toys and mobile games based on a Hong Kong character AomeHusky. App toy “POPS” is an intuitive tangible control device, which allows user identification, navigation and orientation determination on touch screens; and enables dynamic inputs to touch-sensitive devices. The toy is always ready to be used without the need of wireless connection or charging battery. Moreover, our technology enables multi-users interacting simultaneously with multiple toys on the screen. Furthermore, all touch-sensitive devices are compatible with this technology, regardless of screen sizes or operating systems. “Huskyland” is a series of mobile storytelling applications that can be interacted with an App toy “POPS”. Two Apps “Huskyland” and “Huskyland – Husky Sports” are available on iTunes Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). Features include (1) run around the world and discover beautiful landscapes of 8 featured divisions; (2) eat and play with AomeHusky; (3) train AomeHusky to become a champion dog with sports. This interactive play set merges real and virtual worlds, and thus creates a new play experience.

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