MadRat Games envisions using the power of play to make childhood Calmer, Wiser, Happier. Madzzle product line is a much needed innovation on the 100+ yr old jigsaw puzzle, to achieve this vision. It is the World’s First Roll-Up Puzzle™ with patent pending Zero Gap™ technology. Here are the invented features which ensure a seamless play experience.

1. Zero Gap Technology
Madzzle jigsaw pieces join together without a gap between them, unlike puzzles, for a perfect picture.

2. Madzzle Mat
Its frame & magnetic locking make assembling the jigsaw easier, and losing the pieces difficult. It lets you play on soft surfaces like your cushy bed.

3. Madzzle Roll
After you finish playing, just roll up the mat along with the inner box to preserve your puzzle for next play session.

4. Object Hunt game
Gone are the days when you just sat and looked at the puzzle after making it. With Madzzle, play an exciting object-finding game with the cards, full of amazing facts from around the world.

5. Data Duel
Ever wondered what new to do with puzzles every time? With Madzzle it’s a new game every time. Challenge your friends to a trump cards style duel for data on the playing cards!

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