Language is a living thing – for this reason alone it seems contradictory to learn languages by means of strict teaching patterns. The language learning game Lingua Simplex from Amelung Design adopts entirely new ways of learning languages and helps you to acquire foreign vocabulary in a playful manner with great fun.

Welcome to the wonderful world of languages

In order to combine game, fun and learning success, Amelung Design has thought of an intriguing solution: similar to the well-known memory game, matching pairs must be found. However, it is not a matter of pure picture pairs but of pairing picture card and foreign language expression. Picture and vocabulary are coupled and therefore better memorised. At the same time the other senses are involved in the collective game by interaction and reading aloud, so that the language is perceived not as a pure construct but as a whole. Learning this way with Lingua Simplex is not only fun, but results in a particularly effective learning outcome.

Intriguing system packed in a strong design

For the game with learning effect Lingua Simplex consists of 52 cards in a cheeky designer box. The box ix designed with refreshing humour, depicting the corresponding country clichés. Particularly funny is that when you push up the cover the figure on the box opens its mouth. The innovative memo-language game Lingua Simplex is suitable for children from six years old and combines learning fun with a great design.

Five languages in the Red Dot Design Shop

It is really an art to combine language learning, game fun and design in such an innovative way. This is why Lingua Simplex from Amelung Design was honoured by an international jury with the Red Dot: Best of the Best 2014 award. You can order the amusing memo-language game for the Italian, French, German, Spanish and English languages.

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