Child cancer patients have to be treated in isolation sometimes. This can take up to 4 months! During this time they are unable to play with other children, even though this is important for their social development, and of course, something they would like to do very much.
KonneKt cleverly transforms windows from a barriers into canvases for play. With KonneKt, these children can play together with other children in the hospital on these windows between their rooms and the hallway. They can attach shapes to the window with suction cups and magnets. By combining different shapes they can create all kinds of games: tropical birds, dragons, chess, tic tac toe, or an exciting maze to race through. Together they can create their own world. For a short video, see
The shapes can easily be disinfected by washing in the washing machine.
Hundreds.., thousands of games and creations are possible, and creating all that is up to the collaborative imagination of the children!

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