The Kartoni foosball table is a truly innovative piece of leisure fun. This table has the original dimensions of a foosball table found in a pub, but is mostly made from sturdy cardboard.

Environmentally friendly and space saving

Unlike some foosball tables which are manufactured from plastic, the Kartoni foosball table is produced entirely from renewable materials, making it a real boon for the environment. And sceptics can rest assured that the unusual choice of material does not have any negative effect on the stability of the playing table. A new type of cardboard material developed precisely for this purpose combines with a special folding technique to make the foosball table extremely sturdy. The sides have additional reinforcement that allows for the wooden handles to pass through neatly and also to withstand somewhat more vigorous playing styles. Another clear advantage of the innovative use of material is that the Kartoni foosball table can be put together and taken apart again in just a few small steps without the need for any additional tools. As a special winning feature, the cardboard box that Kartoni is delivered in is incorporated in the table – ensuring maximum space saving.

Lots of additional features

What appears to be a streamlined cardboard box structure has even more to offer: the Kartoni foosball table conceals lots of additional practical functions. For example the legs of the cardboard table can be adjusted in height, and four integrated cup holders ensure that nobody has to go thirsty during the game. There is even a refined built-in speaker for smartphones – including of course a practical holder. Last but not least, the cardboard material can be customised to your taste. From painting and drawing to gluing or any other DIY measures – with Kartoni you can let your imagination run free.

Kartoni cardboard foosball table

This well-conceived designer piece that is environmentally friendly as well as practical and above all absolutely innovative is worthy of an award, and this came in the form of the sought-after Red Dot, won by the Kartoni foosball table in 2014 for its clever and unique design. You can order the unusual Kartoni foosball table in the colours brown and white and have it delivered directly to your home!

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