Istanbul –fabulously mesmerizing and rushing megalopolis on the Bosphorus, situated between two seas, stretching from Europe to Asia. An architecture stipend creates the opportunity for a project about this city in ten weeks on site. The result KESHIF ISTANBUL wants to stimulate the perception of urban space, inspire an extended perspective. The chosen format is a pelmanism becoming a “memüri”. Strolling through Istanbul a kaleidoscopic impression of the city has been compiled in 81 visual and written facets. As a symbol a fine-line drawing of the ominpresent cupola coins the corresponding 81 cards’ shape and front. Arranged altogether on the table a rhombic ornament appears. The backside shows a circular shaped image and a tiny sign referring to one of seven categories. Two different aspects of the same topic belong together as pairs, depicted and described in the booklet. The design is both minimalist and sensual: the understated tube packaging in black matt highlighted by a shining copper lid and the urban-arabesque lettering font, the octagonal cards, the selected visual cityscape-moments. KESHIF means ’discovery’ in Turkish. Besides it connotes a particular way of exploring.

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