Hexagon Star Chess Game (No Missing Math Logic Training Chess Game)
There are 37 pieces on the chess board. Two players can play this game. The player who takes the last piece loses the game.

Play Rule:
1. This game is based on 2 players.
2. All the chess show color side at first.
3. Players start to use the magnet which can attract the chess(1 or 2 pieces each time) and turn it over from color side to black side in turn.
4. The last person who turns over the chess from color side to black side lose this game.

Funny Problems to Think
1. How to find out the winning strategies, when two players play the game?
2. What is the maximum number of player that could be involved in the hexagon star chess game?
3. If we change the number of pieces that player takes at a time, how many pieces could be take at most?

Mathematical Thinking Skills Training
In this game, we can train the players to have the mathematical logic ability which number theory, set theory, geometry, …, etc .

This work is supported by I-Shou University, and “Highscope Program”, sponsored by the MOST, Taiwan, R.O.C., under Grant no. MOST 106-2514-S-214-003.

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