“Hello Sabau” is a product which aims to preserve culture and education in the process of promoting in-depth cultural experience in the Taiwan’s aboriginal – Rukai. Its hunting culture is introduced to players by following Rukai’s tradition to play cooperatively instead of competitively with each other to win the game.For tribal children, playing the game allows them to learn their own tradition; tourists can also understand local civilization. Besides edutainment, commercializing the features of minority civilization can be completed, and the benefits are returned to local developments as feedbacks. In this project, we choose WuTai, the RuKai tribe in southern Taiwan. As our members all live in nearby, this place is full of memories. However, its economy was often blocked by typhoons. Due to our identity in locals and responsibility with affection, we thus decided to offer pro bono design assistance. As a result, we opt for local resources to combine with RuKai’s myth, team collaboration, and reverence for nature to be our design core. It’s more than just a souvenir! “Hello Sabau” is an implement project with the true reciprocity between visitors and RuKai.

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