The app ‘Fiete Spot the difference’ is a logic and mental training game with sailor Fiete for pre-school and elementary school kids – but can also be big fun for grownups. The game is made by parents and educators and trains concentration levels, logical thinking and above all visual perception. This is fundamental for absorbing, processing and storing information and is also very closely linked with learning to read and write.

The app is drawn by hand and children accompany Fiete the sailor on his journey from island to island, for which alert young eyes are put to the test.
In 99 levels that carefully build upon each other, players have to help Fiete find out which picture does not fit in the row. If you can see two cows and a pig, then the pig is the odd one out and has to be exposed using a click. Things get more difficult from level to level and then you really have to look closely. You’ll inevitably crack a smile, because it is not every day that you see a sheep wearing rubber boots or a cow with a moustache.

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