The Gebrueder Lowitz manufacture luxury design foosball tables – individually in line with customers’ wishes. The bolzplatz foosball table combines the pleasure of playing with timeless design and exclusive quality. Passionate duels provide special moments – for a lifetime.

See, touch, experience! The bolzplatz is a fascinating interior object. Elegant lines characterize the silhouette and bring the beautiful game in its most lovely shape. Masterfully hand-crafted materials provide a lasting visual and haptic impression. Being in touch with the bolzplatz means being in the game. Pure emotions – anytime.

Symbioses from fine leather, precious woods, high-quality acrylic glass or aluminum on a high grade steel construction provide a wide range of opportunities. Whether in the private loft or staged at an exclusive event – the bolzplatz highlights every location.

Each bolzplatz is individually hand-finished to be its dedicated owner’s personal favorite.

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