Continual outbreaks of avian influenza have strengthened the invasion of the virus, breaking the defense mechanism set up by the government in Taiwan. “Bird Flu Intelligence Agent” is convening all the elementary students who are less likely to wash their hands to join us. When “Bird Flu Intelligence Agent” is on a mission, he would carry a suitcase with a card game inside to fight against the flu. It divided the complicated knowledge about bird flu into three categories:ATTACK, DEFENSE and MOVE. It’s an interactive and educational game which children, can learn how to executive a mission by protecting their homes. Meanwhile, we’ve made a gun dedicated to every bird flu intelligence agent. The loaded bullets are hand-washing paper, which is handy and portable. The agents could search for water and initiate the hand-washing attacks. We’ve also prepared the special tool hand-washing jelly, which is hand-made and mixed by alcohol and gelatin. They just need to gently rub their hands to melt the cute little transparent hand-washing jelly to kill all viruses! We hope our children know the connection between the flu and the importance of keeping their hands clean.

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