You are but a pixel, in an empty sea of nothing, with the occasional planet and star. We wanted to extremely emphasise this feeling of magnitude of the universe contrasted with the insignificance of the players ship. The ship is no small ship though, it’s greasy, hulking and slow to direct, following newtonian physics to the letter. It’s still completely insignificant when faced with a planet or the sun. Using the advantages and disadvantages of the realistic physics, you can use planets and other bodies to optimise your path, spend the least fuel possible and swing your ship to other planets. Guiding your ship through the planets, by releasing the thrust at the right time, your ships tail can form elegant spirographic shapes along the path of the ship around the planet. The occasional populated planet provide with a trading spot and refueling station, but more importantly, they are the only bits of the system that contain other sentient life forms.

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