There are two models of ONE-WAY degassing valves for the traditional coffee bags, convex (built-in) and concave (explicit). This product design focuses on re-designing the whole valve structure. Through adding specific elements on the surface, we can switch the use of the two models mentioned above. We designed the outlook of this product as a coffee bean look, according to the way it is used.
The holes on the porous filters of traditional ONE-WAY degassing valves are too big to restrict the coffee grounds from getting stuck and plugging up the valve, it cause the external air entering the package and failure to maintain the function of freshness. Nevertheless, there’s a production approach adding an extra filter manually, which increases the production cost. Another approach is adding long and tiny rods on the mold. However, the cost of the mold is high and the rods are easily consumed due to breakages. This new design for the ONE-WAY degassing valve applies the “shut off” approach on the molds to manufacture much smaller ventilation holes and the mold is highly durable.

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