Many people believe home compost collection is complicated, attracts flies and will cause horrible odors. The Fresh Air Compost Collector makes composting easy for everyone, including those with little experience and limited access to outdoor compost piles. The Fresh Air is uniquely designed to solve the fundamental issue with indoor compost collecting; odor and flies. Other compost bins on the market are sealed shut, causing food and waste to rot quickly, resulting in rancid odors. The Fresh Air uses a patent pending airway and compostable bag system that allows waste to decompose aerobically, which minimizes bacteria growth, thus eliminating smells. The Fresh Air’s compact size and stylish look allow it to be stored anywhere on or under the kitchen counter. It features a simple pop-up lid and a wire rim, which holds the biodegradable waste liner in place. Simply store your food and waste in the bin, and replace the bag when full. Once the bag is full, it can be thrown directly into a compost pile, or brought to a local compost facility. The Fresh Air is made with recycled plastic, so it not only encourages sustainable practices, but is also made with sustainable materials.

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