Gourmet meal in fresh, tasty and gluten-free vegetables become trendy nowadays, as consumer are looking for healthier life. Vegetables and most fruits are low in calories and sugar content, apart from their distinctive taste, which overcomes the nutritional value of most other foods. A good kitchen tools can improve consumers’ experiences in creating their own favorable meals and recipes.
This Turning Slicer can cuts most vegetables, such as carrot, cabbage, corn. It consist of 3 stainless steel blades set, i.e. plain straight, julienne cutter and corn stripper, which are interchangeable to produce curly strands or slices, and specially good in stripping corn.
It is the chefs’ favorite tool, but might also appeals to the kids too. As the food are being transformed instantly, this ‘magic power’ might lift their appetite and fun in cooking with their parents too, so safety measures are well considered as there are storages for sharp blades that are not in use.
This Turning Slicer is perfect in urban living environment, as its compact, multi-functional and dismountable advantage makes it a must have gadget in any kitchen that storage space is limited.

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