1. Ultra-thin flat design allows more convenient installation without embedding it into a countertop
Since traditional embedded gas stoves have thicker bottom cases, a large hole is required on a kitchen countertop, which may impair its appearance, affect its bearing strength. The internal structure of the flat gas stove is reconstructed to 25mm thick so that the countert and incur higher installation cost op hole can be avoided by just placing the stove on the countertop.
2. User-friendly functional design for safer cooking and more convenient cleaning
It makes cooking safer and more convenient with scald warning and low battery warning on the panel, a rotary knob with concave points for non-slip design, and easy- cleaning stove rack and water pan.
3. Brand-new appearance and exquisite arc edge process with outstanding quality
Its lovable appearance and elegance lie in the large piece of black smooth microcrystalline glass panel with black matte arc aluminum edges.

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