A concealer is a cosmetic developed especially for the area around the eyes. Unfortunately, until now, it has only had a superficial concealing effect. EYES CREAM is the first concealer that actively improves the appearance of the skin.


The secret:  EYES CREAM is stored in the fridge not the bathroom. It cools as it’s applied, causing the pores to close and the skin to look and feel fresher. This remarkable innovation is communicated by its iconic packaging, inspired by classic American ice cream cups, and the five flavours which suit the five most common skin types.


Its uncommon storage and its fresh design make it a real eye-catcher at the PoS. Elevating a fundamental basic to a fashionable essential. A limited edition was exclusively available in concept stores and selected drugstores. Due to its strong resonance and great success, EYES CREAM will be launched nationwide across Germany during the fall of 2017.

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