Euromaxx is DW´s lifestyle magazine, bringing engaging insights into European culture and lifestyles to a global audience, broadcast six times a week.

Luxlotusliner created a brand new look for Euromaxx, driven by Gerhard Uhlenbrucks statement “Today is our future memory, we should be designing accordingly”.

The centrepiece of the Euromaxx design are living and vital digital sculptures, which reflect to full extent the content of the magazine in its diversity, vivacity, dynamic and entertainment.

Luxlotusliner built the Euromaxx sculptures, assigning specific 3D generated objects to every features and series accordingly to their content, clothed in natural material textures such as wood, gold, linen, glass or metal, and let them float in virtual pastel shade spaces with digital design textures, patterns and plates.

Moving according to physical principles, reacting to each other, always in movement, these objects are creating our sculptures with surprising perspectives and compositions, just out of the natural beauty of coincidence.

We kept the new Euromaxx Logo and graphic language pure, simple and overall recognizable with its characteristic angularity and flatness.

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