ENYO is a versatile yet compact solution for future food preparation. It features both a social cooking configuration as well as a timed self-cooking mode. The social setup brings cooking back to the table and actively involves the users. If desired, the interactive cooking surface inspires and playfully guides the users throughout the cooking process. The timed self-cooking mode is ideal for busy days; the user simply places the ingredients on the cooking surface and ENYO automatically gets the self-directed cooking started right on time.

Besides creating a pleasant and intuitive cooking experience, ENYO also addresses the changing foodscape of the future. It informs the user about alternative and new food sources (e.g. insects, algae) and supports the preparation of such by providing interactive feedback and guidance throughout the cooking process, which leads to more aware and educated users. The integrated technology helps to connect with the user and balance eating habits – from feeding in user data and preferences to monitoring cooking habits and diets, ENYO supports the user toward a more healthy and enjoyable way of preparing and consuming food.

The concept is a forward-looking and space-saving solution to meet future living trends and it visually appeals to consumers through its clean and furniture-like aesthetics, as opposed to complex kitchen solutions. Due to the flexible, modular product architecture it is possible to hide the cooking features and use it as a regular table. The integrated technology package can be utilised to create an interactive work surface. This multi-functionality justifies real estate usage and addresses challenges of urban living in confined spaces.

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