The first Annual Report issued by bioeconomy company BRAIN since its IPO in early 2016 focuses on the company’s core expertise: Engineering Biology. Linking up biology and technology in the industrial context is what drives and guides the company. BRAIN’s BioArchive contains thousands of microorganisms, enzymes and natural substances. BRAIN draws its inspiration from biodiversity and uses it as a basis for developing biotechnological applications and products for its target industries. The Annual Report builds on this biological bedrock, and starts off with a series of photographs that present biodiversity in an unconventional light. Organic drawings of BRAIN’s proprietary production organisms subdivide the chapters and lead in to the corporate stories, which illustrate one example from each of the company’s three technology units. The Annual Report is also a key medium for shaping BRAIN’s image, as a medium-sized company and a ‘new kid’ on the stock-trading block. The high proportion of private investors calls for a personal and sustained approach that conveys a sense of value in every sense of the term. The premium-quality print publication fulfils this aspiration.

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