Large quantities of plastic bags are still being used in our daily lives. They are usually thrown away after being used only once. Although some of them are reused as trash bags, they do not all fit our trash cans. Often, the bags are too small and will slip down under the weight of the trash. Another problem arises when we buy dedicated trash bags; more often than not we are not sure whether they will fit over our trash can. Consequently, we may take home trash bags of the wrong size.

Eco Trash Can addresses these problems directly by accommodating bags of different sizes. Grooves on the top edges of the trash can allow plastic bags of different sizes to be inserted easily and securely. Two or three small plastic bags can be used in one Eco Trash Can, allowing the user to sort and separate waste in a simple way. Recycling a plastic bag means we are saving a dedicated trash bag. If we can reuse plastic bags of all sizes to the fullest possible extent, our consumption of bags will be cut down significantly.

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