Wera has developed a completely new “set concept”.
Previously, ratchets together with accessories have
generally been packed in stable, but bulky and heavy
boxes. The new textile boxes offer dramatically
improved portability, and are space-saving to
boot! This means you can now carry the same collection
of tools, in a much more compact and comfortable
The hassle of running back and forth for the right tools
has now become a thing of the past. And the much
lower weight of a set makes carrying more convenient
than ever before. The textile box including the tool will
even survive a fall undamaged. And: it leaves absolutely
no signs of scratches on sensitive surfaces.
About the product: Screwdriving jobs are normally
carried out in a single direction.
When working with a ratchet, it
can sometimes occur that the
direction unintentionally switches
over. The new Zyklop metal with push-through square
that cannot get lost and the
secure socket lock mechanism
prevent this unintentional
switchover of direction.

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