The freedom of cordless car polishing – this was a desire of professionals who at the same time have a high demand on the necessary working power, so it seemed to be impossible to fulfil it. But now we offer the first FLEX cordless polisher for exactly these sophisticated users in two variations: rotative and orbital.
By cordless working you can avoid touching the car body accidently with the cord, which could lead to unwanted marks or even damages on the finish. Additionally, by using battery packs the customer gets the freedom to work at any place – a completely new kind of working comfort.
The lightweight, compact and powerful brushless motor allows to realize the grip area small and at the right place. The arrangement and orientation of the battery pack is realized in a way so that the distance to the working surface is enough and the tool is still very well balanced. So, you can work smoothly and precisely even in more difficult working scenarios.
The smart cooling technology of the battery packs offer significantly shorter charging times so that you can work nearly without stops by using only two 5.0 Ah battery packs.

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