The safest and fastest random orbit sander in the market
The continuous use of vibrating tools such as power sanders can lead to serious occupational diseases such as the HAVS (Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome). The early symptoms of the disease, include tingling whiteness or numbness in the fingers. Intensive use of sanders can ultimately lead to loss of manual dexterity. According to health and safety organizations, several million workers around the world are exposed to vibration from power tools. The European Directive 2002/44/EC imposes the limit of daily exposure to vibration to 2.5m/s². The amount of vibration workers are exposed to in the real world can easily exceed 10m/s², as vibration depends on the feed force that is applied. With the VibraFree sander, Worx designers have designed a patented active vibration cancellation system that is independent from the feed force and complies with the limits in every use condition. As a side effect, the Worx VibraFree is also substantially more efficient than conventional sanders, as no motor energy is transformed in vibration. Certified tests have shown a working efficiency that is more than double of the best competitor.

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