Powerful soldering station set of the WT-line (incl. soldering station,-iron,safety rest) convinces with its aesthetics+a very good operability+ecological+economic aspects.Innovative features are the stackability of the soldering station(space-saving)+the ergonomic front inclination of the display.The display graphics are clearly organized,all setting parameters can be viewed at a glance.The front panel comes with a particularly clear design.All important operating elements are located at the front.The menu button provides maximum user-friendliness + easy navigation through the menu structure.With the 90W iron Weller introduces the world’s first active soldering system with interchangeable,passive high-mass soldering tips.The iron combines the high performance and ergonomics of a passive soldering system with the design+ergonomics of an active soldering system.The lightweight,slim iron with rubber grip+thin silicone cable is particularly ergonomic.Another innovative feature is the possibility to switch the safety rest from dry to wet cleaning.The high-quality cast increases stability.The storage of the tips is space-saving+safe.Multiple safety rests can be put up next to each other

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