WallPerfect FLEXiO 585

The very design of the compact paint sprayer WallPerfect FLEXiO 585 speaks of power and dynamics. Ergonomic and well balanced, the spray gun is a joy to handle, allowing quick and effortless application of interior wall paints, lacquers and varnishes. Two exchangeable spray attachments for thick or thin products ensure a wide range of uses, making FLEXiO exceptionally versatile, e.g. for walls, ceilings, doors, furniture, wooden decks and much more.

Thanks to the newly developed, powerful X-Boost turbine, FLEXiO 585 can be used with virtually any commercially available product without diluting. A further innovation is the revolutionary new I-SPRAY nozzle, which allows ultra-fine atomization of interior dispersion and latex paints. The steplessly adjustable paint and air flow and adjustable spray jet ensure fast and comprehensive coverage. FLEXiO 585 will coat an area of up to three square meters per minute including corners and edges –
a performance that truly lives up to the promise of the design.

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