The Voltera V-One gives the consumer the power to create their own circuit board prototypes from their desk. The attractive appearance of the printer creates an intuitive, confident, and approachable aesthetic for the consumer. The innovation of V-One is the conductive ink’s with silver nano-particles. These conductive, insulating, and solder paste inks are alternately printed onto standard FR4 circuit boards to create prototype circuit boards in minutes. The two-tone, extruded aluminum base transitions into the print-head gantry with a striking, confident angled line. Suspended from the extruded aluminum gantry is the print-head which allows for multiple print materials to be easily removed and replaced through a tool-less, magnetic attachment system. An array of RGB LED lights from inside the enclosure are used to indicate device operation to the user. The LEDs glow red when the oven is in operation to help the user be aware of burn hazard on hot surfaces.

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