The UNIROOF is capable of welding all thermoplastic roofing membranes as well as bituminous materials (EPDM-seals) on flat or pitched roofs (up to 30 degrees). Thanks to its ultra slim design and movable transport axle (patent pending), users now can effortlessly weld close to the edge (to 100 mm) and at, or on, the parapet, without having to modify their machine. Additionally, this design permits the user to easily navigate narrow spaces and weld beneath and around obstacles. The revolutionary design of the UNIROOF integrates a maintenance-free, direct-driven pressure wheel (patent pending) which applies higher contact pressure and easily reaches higher welding speeds than all comparable products designed for the welding of thermoplastic roof membranes. With its 17.5 kg, lightweight design, the UNIROOF can easily be transported anywhere. The UNIROOF is available in 2 versions: The AT with its digital control panel display and the ST with its potentiometers both guarantee process and investment assurance, not only for builders, but companies as well.

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