A Sandvik Coromant metal cutting tool is an engineering master piece. However, correct tightening of inserts is vital in metal cutting. It is a matter of security, performance and lifespan of a cutting tool, and accordingly the user experience. Hence, the insight that users’ worldwide struggle to ensure that the insert is mounted on the tool with the correct force led to the development and design of The Key. The Key is a small and simple tool with a built in torque function. A simplified version of a torque key. It is as simple to use as its construction. The user gets instant feedback when the screw is tightened with the correct force. The construction do not permit over tightening as the key will latch over its rotational bit and make a “click” sound. The size of the handle is carefully calculated to give the user the best possible grip depending on torque. The simple construction enables low manufacturing cost and the possibility to ship together with every tool and replace all present send along start-up keys (regular screw drivers). The Key is unique for Sandvik Coromant and will ensure an even greater user experience of the Sandvik Coromant products and brand.

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