The circular saw blade of SuperSilent®, is characterized by its smooth external lines. The aggressive form of conventional saw blades was deliberately abandoned. Innovative technology makes it possible. For the very first time in the history of circular saw blades the saw dust is not collected in large-volume recesses on the outer edge of the circular saw blade, but harmoniously on both sides along the outer edge of the saw blade via ChipBelt®. Thanks to applying diamond instead of carbide as cutting material, plus the newly developed tooth shape of MicroGeo® tiny teeth suffice for an excellent cutting result. Curved expansion slots for absorbing the thermal expansion when in use are completing the smooth, harmonious appearance of the world first of SuperSilent®. Two remarkable features form the quintessence of this completely new designed circular saw blade:
On the one hand its almost noiseless run, which reduces the squealing noise of the saw to room volume level and secondly the cut-free handling of this circular saw blade, enabling the user to mount and remove this tool without gloves.

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