Smarttape is an unique intelligent tape with the patent code belt ,it has a fashion and compact delicate structural design, any part of human body can be accurately measured with quickly respond. The instrumental error of the patent code belt is less than 1mm,The data which is measured can be quickly shows in the screen, from the screen we can measure different parts of human body in different mode directly, it can non-stop work at least 24 months with its efficient and energy saving technical. The safety damping mechanism can prevent the user from the hurt due the quickly shrink of tape. Smarttape can connect the mobile phone with Bluetooth system, all data measured can be send to mobile phone (sync), The unique application in the mobile phone can measure the size of clothes and body-indicator automatically. The real-3D human model can be founded from the data measured, the patent algorithm of human model can calculate the cloth size and body-indicator rapidly. From the cloth size users can freely select the clothes from internet ,also The body-indicator can help user to make the plan for body building .

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