From head to toe: impressive.
A long bladed safety knife? This has been a contradiction for a very long time. Until now. The new SECUNORM 380 is the first safety knife worldwide featuring automatic blade retraction and a blade extension length of well over 7 cm. Ideally suited for easy cutting 3-4-ply cardboard, sacks, paper sheets and rolls, building foam and polystyrene slabs. In short, it’s the safe alternative to all conventional fixed blade cutters.

Tool-less blade change
Pressing down the small blade change activator releases the capping end of the cutter, allowing it to swing downwards, and ultimately allowing you to remove the blade carrier and blade. Left handed users turn the blade by 180°.

Ergonomic handle
It goes without saying, the more ergonomic the handle, the easier it is to cut. The SECUNORM 380 with its curved shape, carefully positioned soft-grip and ribbed slider is an ergonomic dream.

Particularly robust
The core of this cutter is a particularly stable and abrasion resistant metal rail. The body of the cutter is made of high-quality plastic, capable of fulfilling high expectations. The flexible blade is reliable as well.

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