Atlas Copco’s handheld pneumatic breaker RTEX reduces energy consumption by 50% whilst being 25% lighter paired with great ergonomics. Thanks to the invention of a new operating principle – Constant Pressure Control – RTEX has the breaking capacity of a 30+ kg breaker.
In a conventional breaker air is discharged each time the acting piston moves up or down. In the RTEX we discharge the air only once – on the piston´s return stroke. Then the constant pressure from a chamber on the top of the RTEX pushes the piston down. The pressure on top of the acting piston is constant and therefore does not generate vibrations as on conventional breakers, so there is no need for vibration damping. To achieve this, we moved the valve from the top of the breaker to the bottom – our new “Up-Side-Down” concept.

The new RTEX working principle has resulted in record high efficiency – 50% less air needed for the same breaking capacity. This means that a compressor only half the size is needed, or that two breakers can be used on a compressor which previously powered only one breaker.

The 3-axes hand-and-arm vibration is below 5 m/s2, enabling work up to 8 hours per shift.

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