The smallest battery riveter in the world with integrated process control. With a weight of only 1300g the RivSmart will process the most commonly bought rivets of up to 5.0 mm using a power of 8500N and 20mm stroke. The already compact design can be further reduced to a length of only 195mm. The front sleeve enables a quick unique Power- and Tool -Less-Maintenance and while offering modular customization. The Handle has been optimized for every hand and allows for effortless riveting with much free moving space. The newly introduced belt clip will aid the user with heightened mobility. The LED will lighten up the work area and serve as an optical warning signal in a noisy environment. Our own engineered BLDC-Motor provides high-speed-power with high efficiency. One Battery will supply enough power and endurance for up to 1000 rivets. The integrated Nano-Sensor supports an internal digital process documentation which is monitoring the complete riveting process. This provides a direct feedback regarding process and product quality without any additional external hardware. All functions are available and monitored via APP or wireless network integration.

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