Our goal is to make more tools to be loved and cherished as stylish object, create a unique pattern with great functionality as possible. Therefore, we convert the natural biology prototype into our shape and match with special mechanical structure.

The Rhino is a lively animal that loves to run over grassland every day.
From far away, you can see his shining horns and cute ears.
When hearing a sound of friends, he would run back soon as possible to help them out from obstacles. Showing a strong and reliable characteristic of the animal and the tool, comes Rhino Hammer.

The size of Rhino Hammer is much smaller than normal hammers in order to enhance its storage capabilities in the house and office as a useful as well as stylish decoration. The body of the Rhino is made of aluminum which is light and rust resistant suitable for the house. The ears part is made of rubber to distinguish it from the solid part and gives it a sense of softness.

Pulling out Rhino’s head reveals the hidden extension handle which is designed
to fit with the actual usage and could be used for wide range of errands on daily
life that require hammers.

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