The new advanced design is more convenient; it could increase working efficiency and prevent users from unnecessary injury. For the sake of injury prevention, the ergonomic handle is considered. The soft and environmental friendly handle material increases much comfort and permits longtime usage without user tiredness. Meanwhile, the innovated design is represented as the special “reactionless mechanism of impact”. User hands would not get hurt easily by improper operation or accident. For the efficiency elevation, the internal motor system and mechanism of impact are analyzed according to hydromechanics and mechanism simulation to optimize the design. The new design of air path, mechanism and delicate spare parts coordination increase the output efficiently, reduce the power consumption and extend the product lifetime. The proper rate of this tool has been much upgraded for a higher performance. For the purpose to increase the convenience, the rear exhaust system would not evoke the dust so the sight of operators could keep unaffected from the dust. Besides, the gravity of this tool is designed to be deviated to the handle to reduce the burden of operators.

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