The Screw Extractor DBZ-55B is an innovative 3-piece hand tool designed for removing any stuck and damaged Phillips and Hex screws. The interchangeable screw bits are made out of high quality carbon steel. Mounted on the handle, it allows you to remove screws easily, depending on the grade of damage of the screw recess: The DBZ-51 screw bit grips and turns lightly damaged screw heads. If the screw is heavily damaged, the DBZ-52 bit is utilised while the DBZ-53 bit removes hex profiled screws.  A hammer blow drills the screw bits solidly into the damaged screw recess and facilitates removing the screw securely. The rubber insulation dampens the impacts of the hammer and protects it against sliding-off. The shape of the transversal handle allows you to work in an ergonomically safe way without tiring. Furthermore, it supports the turning direction of your hand for optimal power transmission. No power source is required, allowing this tool to be highly mobile.

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