Cordless blind rivet tool reduces greenhouse gas emissions requiring no compressor which uses too much electricity. Although cordless tool has a weakness for giving users fatigue due to heavy motor and battery, R1B1 and R1B2 can overcome it innovatively.
This is because the original motor layout (PAT. pending) realizes the best weight balance. In addition, original ergonomic curve around the handle and non-slip rubber bump are designed for best fitting into hand, which makes it possible to work without unneeded strong grip and decrease the fatigue many users suffer unconsciously.
Safety device will work to prevent unexpected situation in case that spent mandrel container is taken off. LED Spotlight will illuminate the riveting area exclusively and decrease the stress of the user.
R1B1 and R1B2 have the beautiful form with the contrast of black and red as the symbol color of LOBSTER brand. The R1B1 and R1B2 are not just user friendly but also eco-friendly.

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