The Precision Paintbrush with its clean lines and long shape is designed to give the feeling and control of an artist brush. The unique TriTech™ filaments give superior precision and the ergonomic grip zones give perfect control when painting both straight lines, corners and details.
The paintbrush handle is designed for different situations and styles of painting. In the front is a three point pen-grip for stability and high precision, the circular grip on the middle allows the painter to rotate the triangular shaped filament to his/her needs and the length of the handle gives the user better reach.
The design follows the function by producing a smooth transition between the cross-sections of the different grip zones all the way to the filament head.
The air tight case which is included, prevents the brush from drying up, helps to avoid stains and helps the user to be more sustainable by being able to reuse the brush again and again.
The Precision Paintbrush is manufactured under Orkla’s three brands; Anza, Jordan and Spekter. It comes in two sizes using the same handle, Orkla can easily switch between the sizes and brands by changing the filament head and logo in production

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