IR Brix Meter “PAL-HIKARi” is a portable nondestructive brix meter that measures and digitally displays the Brix level of a fruit in 4 seconds by light irradiation.
The majority of the world’s nondestructive Brix meters are equipped with splitters for infrared absorption spectrum making them large and expensive. Though small in size, PAL-HIKARi consists of 20 LEDs, with 6 custom wavelengths, lined up in a circle to accurately detect sugar.
PAL-HIKARi is simple to use. Just place the sensor against a fruit and measure. A button is located on the lateral side to measure fruits on trees. A cushion on the measurement section makes a snug fit to even irregularly shaped fruits.
No more cumbersome fruit cutting, squeezing and filtering of juice. Cleaning of the sensor is no longer necessary. With increased work efficiency with no precious fruits wasted, it is user and environmentally friendly.
PAL-HIKARi’s design is ubiquitous forme of the voices of our customers across 157 countries and ATAGO’s 75 years of extensively cultivated technology as a leading Brix meter manufacture.

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